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Frequently asked questions

  • A tax return is a form you use to tell HMRC about your earnings and expenses. It’s a complete overview of the taxable income you’ve made and the costs of doing business you’ve faced.

    A tax refund is money HMRC gives back when you’ve paid too much tax. There are several reasons why you might overpay, and you often have to file a claim and prove you did.

  • Rebates from HMRC to those who have paid too much tax, specifically relating to their work related expenses. HMRC states a tax rebate is “a refund on taxes when the liability is less than the taxes paid”.

    If you drive for work, and your employer isn’t fully reimbursing you for this travel, then you’re entitled to a tax rebate. HMRC does not automatically refund overpaid tax for work related expenses, which means you need to claim it back. And what’s more, you can only claim for the past four years.


    As well as business travel, taxpayers can claim for a variety of expenses including clothing and uniforms, accommodation, tools, travel, training and much more.


    The accountants we work with can support you to explore your options with a short telephone call.

  • This depends on your circumstances. You can claim back to the previous four tax years with average rebates being over £3,000. 


    The accountants we work with will be able to evaluate your eligibility after a 15-minute call and can provide an estimate there and then. Reach out to us to set that call up. 

  • We’re all about speediness at TaxLogik, and we communicate the process to you on a weekly basis. 

    It generally takes a few weeks for us to collect all of the required information to support your claim, most of this we do directly with HMRC. 

    Once the accountants we work have submitted the claim to HMRC it typically takes them around 8-10 weeks to process. As soon as we receive the rebate, we will pay this directly into your bank account, minus our fee.

  • You’re only eligible to claim up to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and then 25p per mile for the remaining miles. 

    However you can claim this back over the previous 4 tax years, so you may be eligible if your previous employers haven’t fully reimbursed this allowance.

  • Yes, you can apply for a rebate for travel expenses in any vehicle you’ve driven.

  • TaxLogik are industry experts in supporting taxpayers to claim their overpaid tax back from HMRC. The accountants we work with can support you to explore your options with a short telephone call at no cost.

  • Yes, this is because there is a cost to you when you charge and drive an electric vehicle. The accountants we work with can help you calculate this cost.

  • You can apply for a tax rebate for all work related miles. The accountants we work with can help you to accurately calculate the correct amount owed to you.

  • HMRC have a recommended tax allowance of up to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles (cars/vans) and 24p per mile for motorcycles.  Most employers should pay this as an expense to employees, but aren’t aware of the scheme or do not pay the full amount. 

    TaxLogik and the accountants we work with, help taxpayers to claim back their correct mileage allowance.

  • We sure do, we want our customers to tell their friends, family, colleagues and connections about how great we are.

    For every person you refer that goes on to get a tax rebate through TaxLogik, we will transfer £50 straight into your bank account. If you successfully refer 10 people, we will send you an additional £200 bonus! 

  • Our service is no win, no fee, with no upfront payment. For successful rebates claimed back from HMRC we charge 30% +VAT of the rebate figure at the point it’s paid to you. 

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